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Warner Archive Instant: Behold the Future of Streaming! Oh, and Despair.


I don’t have cable, and I probably never will, at least under the current business model.  As much as I’d love to have access to HBO, AMC, and maybe three other channels, I’m just not willing to pony up that kind of cash for the privilege of accessing several dozen reality TV and sports channels alongside those precious few I’d actually watch.  I wait out the seasons and buy discs instead–so many discs–and like many others in this brave new era of cable-cutting I also rely heavily on streaming services.  It used to be I could get by on just Netflix, but my insatiable hunger for films and quality cable dramas soon saw Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus added to my list.  Even so, it all comes to under $30 a month and I assure you I get my money’s worth.  Each app feels like it serves a special purpose, and I enjoy a wide variety of current and classic entertainment.  Like all good things though, it’s all coming to an end.

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My Netflix Queue is Outrageous 6: Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Rare Exports Poster

I’m not anti-Christmas, exactly, I love the frenzied gift hunt and ensuing exchange that takes place every year.  It’s the only thing that makes winter worth enduring.  But when it comes to Christmas-themed entertainment I usually couldn’t be less interested.  The music is awful, the movies are mostly bland and boring, and I can’t even summon up the barest hint of nostalgic love for the old stop-motion Rankin-Bass specials anymore.  Even the holiday-themed horror movies have grown tired.  I mean, how many times can anyone possibly enjoy the same old retread of the “a bunch of people get murdered around Christmas and sometimes the killer is dressed like Santa” routine?  For many years, the only movies I will accept as part of the annual “Christmas spirit” process have been Die Hard, Home Alone, and Gremlins.  End of list.  Thanks to Netflix, I have been assured that it’s not this hopeless everywhere in the world, and unique Christmas entertainment does exist.  At least, it does in Finland.

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Five More Shows You Should Be Watching On Instant Streaming

Last September I posted a list of five shows you should be watching on Netlfix via instant streaming, which included Doctor Who, Scrubs, Mad Men, Parks & Recreation and The Kids in the Hall. A Nerd Occurrence received a lot of positive responses after publishing the list (thanks for that), and with some months past (giving everyone enough time to watch each recommendation) it felt right to take a look at five more shows you should be watching on instant streaming, especially now that most current TV shows are done for the season. Read the rest of this entry

5 Shows You Should Be Watching On Instant Streaming


Though Netflix has received some backlash for the new price increase, it remains as one of the most (if not the most) popular movie services available today. If you’re shelling out $8 a month for instant streaming, Netflix offers an immensely large catalog of movies to choose from. However, if you’re anything like me, you love Netflix mainly for its variety of television series.

Before Netflix, you’d have to trout down to your local rental chain and pray against all odds that they carried more than just the latest season of the show you’re looking for. If they did carry earlier seasons, more than likely they were missing disc three of four in the season you want. But, then I signed up for Netflix and everything changed. I now had access to every season to shows I had been anxiously waiting to watch, and the discs were being mailed to my house! What more could I ask for?

Turns out my previous question was answered for me in the form of instant streaming. I didn’t think much of the service at first, but then as the library got better I realized that I could watch a show without have to wait those bittersweet days in between disc return and arrival. These days, the Netflix television library offers a plethora of fantastic shows to watch and after the jump I’d like to share five  excellent shows that you really need to watch.

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Roku is My Friend

It began last November, when I received a surprising gift from my brother.  I unwrapped the gift, having not a clue as to its contents.  Behold, the best friend to someone who wants to stream internet content to their television.  I give you Roku.

Wireless not pictured

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Drinking, Smoking, and Misogyny: Now Available on Netflix Streaming.

Another Netflix Update, they’ve been quite busy these days.

Mad Men

Today the first four seasons of AMC’s much beloved and critically acclaimed series is now available on Instant Streaming.

Though, I am loath to admit, I’ve not seen a single episode. That only means I am delighted to get the chance to watch the series, in its entirety.  Because frankly, this is how I prefer to consume my television.

Here is a brief synopsis from

It’s 1960, and ad executive Don Draper rules the roost at New York’s Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency amid a glamorous climate of never-ending cocktail hours, worry-free smoking and ego-stroking power in this Emmy-winning series. Draper has the good fortune of being a man’s man –and a ladies’ man to boot. But with the world beginning to change, he’ll have to use all his smarts to stay one step ahead.

Sharp Like an Edge of a Samurai Sword

What’s that I hear? Swords being unsheathed! Stomachs growling? Delightful hip-hop influenced soundtrack?

Samurai Champloo is now available to stream on Netflix! (HD where available)

Join Jin, Mugen, and Fuu as they journey across Japan to find “The samurai who smells of sunflowers.”  I dare you to watch this amazing title sequence!

The Netflix backlash

Netflix Disc

Earlier today Netflix announced it is discontinuing their $9.99 a month membership plan for unlimited streaming and unlimited DVDs, and will begin offering 2 distinct plans. The first plan offers unlimited streaming for $7.99 a month, and the second plan offers unlimited DVDs (one out at-a-time) for $7.99 a month. For those that want to continue using both options, you’ll have to play $15.98 a month, which amounts to a 60% price hike.
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Culture Shock: Netflix Influentials

My picks for the most influential films available on Netflix.

I’m limiting myself to Netflix Streaming because, well let’s be honest, you probably should have a Netflix subscription. I’m a walking advertisement for Netflix, so I won’t bore you with the sales pitch, mostly I’m thinking of accessability here. Many of these movies aren’t likely to be found at your average Blockbuster or Redbox, but Netflix and their partners were kind enough to make these films available for streaming.

I will tell you that when I started writing this article, I had no idea how deep this particular rabbit hole went. Regardless, I had already begun the descent. With your permission and votes of interest, I will break this list down, into more manageable chunks. We’ll start with five films today, and I won’t even tell you how many more I have lined up in order to save myself some face if it turns out no one is interested. But I’m hoping some of us out there are interested in adding a little culture to our lives… for the low price of a Netflix subscription, which we, in all likelyhood, already have.

I should also note that I’m starting with early film here. You have been warned, some films have subtitles and a few are even SILENT. I’ll give you a brief summary of what makes it influential and spend little to no time on critical exposition. I’m simply telling you WHY you might want to watch it, or at the very least, be aware of the film.

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