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My Netflix Queue is Outrageous 6: Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Rare Exports Poster

I’m not anti-Christmas, exactly, I love the frenzied gift hunt and ensuing exchange that takes place every year.  It’s the only thing that makes winter worth enduring.  But when it comes to Christmas-themed entertainment I usually couldn’t be less interested.  The music is awful, the movies are mostly bland and boring, and I can’t even summon up the barest hint of nostalgic love for the old stop-motion Rankin-Bass specials anymore.  Even the holiday-themed horror movies have grown tired.  I mean, how many times can anyone possibly enjoy the same old retread of the “a bunch of people get murdered around Christmas and sometimes the killer is dressed like Santa” routine?  For many years, the only movies I will accept as part of the annual “Christmas spirit” process have been Die Hard, Home Alone, and Gremlins.  End of list.  Thanks to Netflix, I have been assured that it’s not this hopeless everywhere in the world, and unique Christmas entertainment does exist.  At least, it does in Finland.

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