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Warner Archive Instant: Behold the Future of Streaming! Oh, and Despair.


I don’t have cable, and I probably never will, at least under the current business model.  As much as I’d love to have access to HBO, AMC, and maybe three other channels, I’m just not willing to pony up that kind of cash for the privilege of accessing several dozen reality TV and sports channels alongside those precious few I’d actually watch.  I wait out the seasons and buy discs instead–so many discs–and like many others in this brave new era of cable-cutting I also rely heavily on streaming services.  It used to be I could get by on just Netflix, but my insatiable hunger for films and quality cable dramas soon saw Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus added to my list.  Even so, it all comes to under $30 a month and I assure you I get my money’s worth.  Each app feels like it serves a special purpose, and I enjoy a wide variety of current and classic entertainment.  Like all good things though, it’s all coming to an end.

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Can’t Wait for Deep Space Nine to come to Netflix?

If you have Amazon Prime, you need wait no longer.

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Roku is My Friend

It began last November, when I received a surprising gift from my brother.  I unwrapped the gift, having not a clue as to its contents.  Behold, the best friend to someone who wants to stream internet content to their television.  I give you Roku.

Wireless not pictured

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