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Review: Android – Netrunner


I’ve been mulling the possibility of this review around in my mind for a while now.  Every time I’d start to outline a review, I would hesitate.  I really wanted to spend more time with the game, exploring its depth and intricacies to ensure I really had a refined impression.  After having spent a sufficient amount of time with the game now, I feel I can no longer delay.  I must share the glory that is Android: Netrunner with my friends and our readers.

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Disney Buys Lucas Films: Why This is Good News

It is an energy field found in all things. It unites us, it binds us, it brings the galaxy together. Those words sparked more hope, inspiration, and deep feelings of what it means to be a good person than the entire sum of the rest of my whole life has to this very moment. I was hooked young, some of my earliest memories are of watching the Star Wars trilogy. Read the rest of this entry

I’m back … from outer space

I couldn’t resist the title.  I apologize.

Bear with me here. I know this has got to be an old topic for most of you. I mean the game is already over six months old. Plus this is for DLC. DLC that came out like what, two weeks ago? I know. I’m living in the past man! Well, listen here you future folk, I got something to say and you’ll hear it. Tonight we talk all about how awesome Mass Effect 3: Leviathan really is.

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Looper: No clever subtitle here, just go see it

Looper is a new sci-fi film reuniting Brick writer/director Rian Johnson and star Joseph Gordon-Levitt, also starring Bruce Willis, Paul Dano, Jeff Daniels, and Emily Blunt.  To be completely honest, when I first saw Brick way back in 2005, it was like having my faith in film restored all at once.  For those that never saw it, Brick was an incredibly smart neo-noir film in a hyper-real high school setting, in which Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character investigates the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend and crosses paths with a bunch of interesting characters including a young crime boss who still lives at home with his oblivious mother.  If you haven’t already, I recommend tracking it down and watching it immediately.  Then go see Looper, because it provides a similar breath of fresh air for another genre, this time science fiction.  This will probably be a short review as I’ll be dodging every possible spoiler, but I”ll do my best!

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Mass Effect: Final Thoughts and Goodbyes

Yes I reused this picture.  One of the best ensemble shots ever.


They say the journey is the real important part; our destination can be seen as the final stroke on an otherwise brilliant manuscript of adventures, challenges, and discoveries. My journey began a ways back when I was handed a copy of Mass Effect and told “Play this, you’ll like it. Trust me.” Trust him I did. He was right (of course). Back in March (is it seriously already August?) I went out with everyone else and picked up my copy of Mass Effect 3, eager to take it home and experience the final chapter of my favorite science fiction universe ever. Now, finally, months later I feel like I’ve finished it. I’ve devoured this bit of wonderful story telling from beginning to end (twice). So let’s talk about it.  Oh and be warned, there are spoilers here.

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Terminator 2: A Film Class Analysis


What follows is an analysis I wrote tonight for my American Cinema class regarding Terminator 2 as it relates to science fiction genre conventions.  Participation in this class could generously be referred to as “woeful”, and rather than launch my work pointlessly into the ether, I thought it might be fun to share it with readers here.  This is by no means a complete synopsis of the film, I could talk for days about this one.  Rather it focuses on two or three genre conventions, and approaches the story from that standpoint.  My cap for this assignment was also three double-spaced pages, or about 800 words.  I came in just under the line.  Imagine, struggling to edit DOWN to a cap for a college paper rather than arbitrarily ballooning out sentences to meet some ridiculous minimum requirement.  It was a pleasure to write.  Quoted and page-referenced lines are taken from the textbook American Cinema, American Culture, by John Belton.  It’s a good read, I recommend picking it up if you get a chance.

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Why I Love the Mass Effect Universe


There have been some big steps into the Sci-fi world lately; a world I really love and enjoy pretty much no matter what.  This has got me thinking (dangerous I know) about some of my favorite sci-fi universes from the past.  Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, Star Trek, Masters of Orion, Firefly, and countless others have haunted my imagination for decades; constantly popping up with another wistful daydream of warp drive and the possibilities it might entail.  There is one sci-fi property that was a more recent addition to my mental dreamscape; I’m talking about Mass Effect.  I was late to this party (didn’t get an X-Box for a while so I was out of the loop for the first one and just didn’t bother with the second when it hit PS3) but have completely enjoyed everything about it I’ve come across (yeah I even liked the ending to 3 so there).  While I still wait for the promised DLC to “finish” the story I’ve been musing about what it is exactly that I enjoyed so much.

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A Bit About Ideas

What a good month this has been to be a nerd; specifically this one. We’ve had the biggest movie ever come our way (and I loved it), we had Free Comic Book Day, and I finally got my hands on a copy of Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ Saga #1 (seriously, third printing, turns out the book is kinda popular). How did I feel about this book you may ask (seriously go ahead and ask, it’ll make the part where I tell you seem more natural), well I don’t want to give away the entire review but I’ve read it three times now in two days. To put that in perspective I don’t even read Walking Dead a second time (well, usually), and that is probably my top comic running right now (well, after Saga it’ll probably drop to the second spot). Enough lead in, let’s get to the meat of this here tasty meal.

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