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The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Not the Adjective I’d Have Used


It’s completely unfair, not to mention unprofessional, to judge a film outside of its own merits.  You don’t go into a grade school art show and berate a child for not producing the Mona Lisa, in the same way that movie critics don’t begin every review with, “Well, it was no Citizen Kane“.  That being said, if the aforementioned grade school artist is loudly demanding millions of dollars and a dedicated wing at the Louvre for their already-crumbling macaroni portrait, it might be time to  sit down and have a little chat about the comparative merits of art.  So with that in mind, Sony…listen.  Your Amazing Spider-Man franchise is NEVER going to be The Avengers.  It’s just not.  And that’s okay!  Literally nobody but you wants or expects it to be.  And yet…

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Black Cat Review: Marvel Legends Amazing Spider-Man 2 Infinite Series Green Goblin Build-A-Figure Collection

Black Cat w/ whip

Like Carnage in my last review, Black Cat was another character that got a Marvel Legends figure back in the ToyBiz days, which I also never managed to get. This one was exclusive to a Spider-Man Vs. Sinister 6 box set. As with Carnage, I was happy to see Hasbro offering another chance at a figure of an important character in the Spider-Man mythos.

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Marvel Legends Carnage Review: Amazing Spider-Man 2 Infinite Series Green Goblin Build-A-Figure Collection

Aren’t second chances great? A figure you missed out on gets rereleased, retooled, redecoed or remade and… well, hopefully you can find it this time.

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The Amazing Spider-Man: In Defense of the Reboot

Back in July, 2010 Columbia Pictures announced they would be rebooting the Spider-Man movie series, now known to us as The Amazing Spider-Man. With the release of the film just a month and some change away I thought I’d take a moment to discuss why I think Columbia Pictures made the right call. Those of you that have experience with the internet know that when studios announced reboots (especially with superhero reboots), millions of people follow suit with endless droning about how it’s a horrible idea and that the studio is greedy. Read the rest of this entry

Edward Cullen takes over Spider-Man job











Goth girls, start clearing out some poster space.

I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty excited about Sony’s upcoming franchise reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man.  Now I just don’t know what to think.  Sure, it’s just one picture, but seriously.  Sony took so much internet backlash for Peter Parker’s emo turn in Spider-Man 3, and that was only a couple scenes.  Now he looks like Twilight‘s Edward Cullen on a weekend trip to Comic-Con, and this presumably will be for the entire movie.  I don’t know what’s going to be more embarrassing, watching him try to brood through the mask for 120 minutes, or seeing how he fits all that hair under there.

Maybe in the sequel he can battle Man-Wolf to see who can seduce more desperate outcast high school girls.*


*Sony, if you use this idea, I want money.