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My Netflix Queue is Outrageous 6: Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Rare Exports Poster

I’m not anti-Christmas, exactly, I love the frenzied gift hunt and ensuing exchange that takes place every year.  It’s the only thing that makes winter worth enduring.  But when it comes to Christmas-themed entertainment I usually couldn’t be less interested.  The music is awful, the movies are mostly bland and boring, and I can’t even summon up the barest hint of nostalgic love for the old stop-motion Rankin-Bass specials anymore.  Even the holiday-themed horror movies have grown tired.  I mean, how many times can anyone possibly enjoy the same old retread of the “a bunch of people get murdered around Christmas and sometimes the killer is dressed like Santa” routine?  For many years, the only movies I will accept as part of the annual “Christmas spirit” process have been Die Hard, Home Alone, and Gremlins.  End of list.  Thanks to Netflix, I have been assured that it’s not this hopeless everywhere in the world, and unique Christmas entertainment does exist.  At least, it does in Finland.

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Five More Shows You Should Be Watching On Instant Streaming

Last September I posted a list of five shows you should be watching on Netlfix via instant streaming, which included Doctor Who, Scrubs, Mad Men, Parks & Recreation and The Kids in the Hall. A Nerd Occurrence received a lot of positive responses after publishing the list (thanks for that), and with some months past (giving everyone enough time to watch each recommendation) it felt right to take a look at five more shows you should be watching on instant streaming, especially now that most current TV shows are done for the season. Read the rest of this entry

5 Shows You Should Be Watching On Instant Streaming


Though Netflix has received some backlash for the new price increase, it remains as one of the most (if not the most) popular movie services available today. If you’re shelling out $8 a month for instant streaming, Netflix offers an immensely large catalog of movies to choose from. However, if you’re anything like me, you love Netflix mainly for its variety of television series.

Before Netflix, you’d have to trout down to your local rental chain and pray against all odds that they carried more than just the latest season of the show you’re looking for. If they did carry earlier seasons, more than likely they were missing disc three of four in the season you want. But, then I signed up for Netflix and everything changed. I now had access to every season to shows I had been anxiously waiting to watch, and the discs were being mailed to my house! What more could I ask for?

Turns out my previous question was answered for me in the form of instant streaming. I didn’t think much of the service at first, but then as the library got better I realized that I could watch a show without have to wait those bittersweet days in between disc return and arrival. These days, the Netflix television library offers a plethora of fantastic shows to watch and after the jump I’d like to share five  excellent shows that you really need to watch.

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