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ANO’s Top 11 Zombie Movies

(Please excuse my tardiness.) On behalf of the ghouls and ghosts at A Nerd Occurrence, here are eleven zombie movies we believe are worth your consideration. The choices were culled from many other top zombie movie lists, with some other choices thrown in to keep things interesting. We have a few passionate zombie movie fans and some more casual horror fans, so it should be a good mix for everyone. Let’s start with a good summary of the genre from one of our experts, sift through some honorable mentions, and then get to the meat of the matter.

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My Netflix Queue is Outrageous Ch. 3: Sugar Hill

With another semester comes another film class, and random film consumption must inevitably give way to required viewing.  The ongoing war of attrition against my out-of-control Netflix instant queue hasn’t been forgotten though, and last night I ran across a surprising little gem in 1974’s Sugar Hill.  The only directorial effort of Police Academy series producer Paul Maslansky, Sugar Hill falls into an extremely tiny subgenre: blaxploitation zombie revenge.  If that string of words gets you as excited as it did for me, by all means read on–you’re in for a treat!

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