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Wrestling Legend Paul Bearer Dead at 58

Paul Bearer


I don’t watch a ton of wrestling now, but the sport as it existed in the 80’s and 90’s is burned into every fiber of my being.  And that means that, like many who grew up watching in that era of full-on kayfabe and the all-important manager/wrestler dynamic, I am a gigantic fan of Bill Moody, better known to wrestling fans everywhere as Paul Bearer.  And tonight, as I neared the mid-point of my customary late-night movie, I got a text from fellow ANO writer Aaron that hit me like a rare few celebrity deaths ever do:  “RIP Paul Bearer”.

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The Best of the Best: Wrestler Edition

As you know, I’m a big fan of lists. That is basically the only way my brain can process things. I list all Prince songs in terms of it being my favorite. For example, “Dirty Mind” is my #1 favorite Prince song while “Call My Name” sits lower as my 252nd favorite. I once made King Scumdogg make a list of all the reasons why he loves me. I know you’re probably thinking “There isn’t enough paper in the world for that list”. Yeah. That’s right. I can also read minds.

Anyway, I’ve been watching wrestling since I was young and good ol’ Scumdogg and I collect wrestling DVD sets. It was pretty much our first joint hobby and we ran with it. We haven’t watched as many of our 50+ sets as we would like but the ones we have watched have been awesome!

Without further adieu, check out my list of my top 5 favorite wrestlers of all time.

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