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Stay Awhile and Listen ….

Not too long ago I joined a bunch of like-minded gamers in the midnight release of Diablo 3. It was a lot of fun, I met some good people, made some new friends, and picked up my own copy of the game to bring home and lose my life to (I regret nothing!). So its been awhile since that night, I’ve had plenty of time to dig deep into the game. The question now is how is it? Has twelve years of waiting and anticipation been too much for any game to live up to? Has it just been too long for the game to be relevant at all? Well, those are good questions; the answers after the break.

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RetroGen Adapter: Really Cool or Retro Ripoff?

RetroGen Adapter in box

Recently I stopped into my local video game store and one item caught my eye. RetroGen Adapter? “PLAY YOUR GENESIS GAMES ON YOUR SNES” Holy crap! It’s like a Super Game Boy, or that Colecovision expansion module that plays Atari 2600 games. I love things like that, and it would’ve been amazing to have one of these in the 90s, so I bought it right then and there on impulse, without going home to research it first.

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