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Disney Buys Lucas Films: Why This is Good News

It is an energy field found in all things. It unites us, it binds us, it brings the galaxy together. Those words sparked more hope, inspiration, and deep feelings of what it means to be a good person than the entire sum of the rest of my whole life has to this very moment. I was hooked young, some of my earliest memories are of watching the Star Wars trilogy. Read the rest of this entry

I’m back … from outer space

I couldn’t resist the title.  I apologize.

Bear with me here. I know this has got to be an old topic for most of you. I mean the game is already over six months old. Plus this is for DLC. DLC that came out like what, two weeks ago? I know. I’m living in the past man! Well, listen here you future folk, I got something to say and you’ll hear it. Tonight we talk all about how awesome Mass Effect 3: Leviathan really is.

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Darksiders II: Another Great THQ Game Brought to You by the Color Purple

Like most of the gaming world, I completely overlooked the original Darksiders when it released in 2010, playing through it only after my girlfriend ran across a $10 copy and said “Hey, this looks like something you’d like”.  That ended up being something of an understatement.  The game centered around War, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, being stripped of his powers and wrongfully accused of bringing about the end of mankind.  The play mechanics borrowed liberally from such diverse sources as the Zelda franchise and Portal, and what should have been a poor hodgepodge of clashing elements, or at best a mid-card God of War clone, ended up being one of my favorite games of this console cycle.  So when a sequel was announced despite the original’s middling sales performance, I (along with a substantially greater number of other gamers this time around) was incredibly excited.

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Why I Love the Mass Effect Universe


There have been some big steps into the Sci-fi world lately; a world I really love and enjoy pretty much no matter what.  This has got me thinking (dangerous I know) about some of my favorite sci-fi universes from the past.  Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, Star Trek, Masters of Orion, Firefly, and countless others have haunted my imagination for decades; constantly popping up with another wistful daydream of warp drive and the possibilities it might entail.  There is one sci-fi property that was a more recent addition to my mental dreamscape; I’m talking about Mass Effect.  I was late to this party (didn’t get an X-Box for a while so I was out of the loop for the first one and just didn’t bother with the second when it hit PS3) but have completely enjoyed everything about it I’ve come across (yeah I even liked the ending to 3 so there).  While I still wait for the promised DLC to “finish” the story I’ve been musing about what it is exactly that I enjoyed so much.

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On Video Game Prices and DLC: Greedy Businesses Are Always Trying to Stay Profitable

I worried, for a while, when I realized the time was approaching when I would have no choice but to write the article you are about to read.  I worried that the opinions contained herein would be extremely unpopular.  Then I realized that as a journalist, sometimes it’s my job to highlight unpopular opinions for the greater good.  And even more importantly, I realized that as an increasingly cranky old man my opinions are often facts.  So let me tell you a few things, kids.  I’ve been gaming on home consoles since the industry was but a mere toddler.  I remember a time before anybody knew what a Nintendo was.  I’ve seen the industry shift a lot over the past 30 years, but never have I seen so many gamers so convinced that they were somehow getting scammed.  From gaming message boards to mobile app stores, it seems like “greedy developers trying to make money” is a pretty hot topic these days.  From the $60 price tag on new games to Satan’s own marketing ploy, the dreaded DLC, gamers have their collective panties in a twist anytime anybody tries to charge them money for anything.  And to that ever-growing and ever-more irritable substrata of game enthusiasts, I confidently proclaim, “You are objectively wrong.  Untwist those panties, and stop being wrong, for once in your life”.  Let me help you.  Read the rest of this entry

Video Game Backlog Attack: Dark Void


In my ongoing quest to reduce my video game backlog, I have established a few guidelines.  One such guideline is that for every “Triple-A”, must-play title, I will play one of the many games that I purchased simply because they were incredibly cheap.  Most games are released and reviewed with a $60 price tag, so I feel that those review scores start to lose some meaning when a title hits the same price point as a Baconator combo.  Even better when it’s a game I was actually looking forward to at launch, like Dark Void.

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Video Game Backlog Attack: Bayonetta

I have something of a problem with video game pile-up, and have for years.  Dozens of unplayed video games inhabit my shelves, easily spanning twenty or more consoles.  Increasingly rapid price drops, along with what I consider to be a rise in the overall quality of games, have amplified this issue to a whole new level.  My Xbox 360 library alone is a task of Sisyphean proportions, sporting nearly 40 titles that have never seen the disc tray.  This year, that’s all gonna change.  First up: Bayonetta.

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Dead Rising 2: Off the Record – What’s new and is it worth it?

Sometimes it feels like I do nothing but kill digital zombies all day.  I am a one-man zombie apocalypse reversal squad, and in all honesty I never really get tired of it.  That is just one of many reasons that I am a huge fan of Capcom’s Dead Rising franchise.  The original game was one of the main selling points for me getting a 360, and subsequently an HDTV when I realized the in-game text was virtually unreadable on my venerable CRT set.  Since then I’ve eagerly purchased and played every new installment in the series, with the exception of the ill-advised Wii port, Chop ’til You Drop.

So when I was still playing Dead Rising 2, and Capcom announced that they were already planning to remake it with original series hero Frank West as the main character, I never even questioned it.  As a longtime Street Fighter fanatic I do sometimes get tired of Capcom’s business strategy of selling me the same game multiple times per year, but this time I didn’t even care.  There is no such thing as too much Dead Rising, and since the game was only going to be $40 at launch, even minor changes would be justification enough for my purchase.  So I preordered it, and once that whole mess was cleaned up I set out to see what they added, tearing the game apart from top to bottom.

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Saints Row Retrospective: Part 2

In a twist so shocking that it would make M. Night Shyamalan blush, I have decided to use the second installment of my Saints Row Retrospective to discuss…Saints Row 2.  I know, it’s crazy.  I’ll just give you a few seconds here to recover.  Okay, now that you’re all settled let me tell you about a game that is better than its predecessor in almost every conceivable way.

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Saints Row Retrospective: Part 1

With Saints Row: The Third on the horizon and the recently re-released Saints Row Double Pack available for only $19.99, I decided it was probably time I give this series a try.  So without further ado let me welcome you to the first entry in my two-part Saints Row Retrospective, in which I’ll be playing and reviewing the series thus far while we all wait patiently for the next installment.

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