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Review: Android – Netrunner


I’ve been mulling the possibility of this review around in my mind for a while now.  Every time I’d start to outline a review, I would hesitate.  I really wanted to spend more time with the game, exploring its depth and intricacies to ensure I really had a refined impression.  After having spent a sufficient amount of time with the game now, I feel I can no longer delay.  I must share the glory that is Android: Netrunner with my friends and our readers.

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ANO On Assignment Part 1: Kettlemuck’s Toy Shoppe

Las Vegas:  the city that never sleeps.  Or Sin City.  Or home, depending on who you are.  The city has many names and easily just as many activities to distract one from the day to day, but let’s get to the heart of it:  what is there for a nerd to do in this city?  While out on assignment (or vacation if you want to go ahead and split hairs) it was my honor to go about the area and seek out the activities and corners of the city that were right in our wheelhouse.  That’s right I went in search of Sin City’s nerdy side.  I found some (more than I ever expected or could tell you about honestly) of the most wonderful little bits of the world right here in my old stomping grounds.  Our journey begins in what at first appears to be a rather unassuming toy store out in Henderson (at the NW corner of Eastern and Sunridge Heights in fact).  I’m talking about Kettlemuck’s Toy Shoppe, so come on in and let us take a look around.

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Review: Dominion

Earlier this summer I was introduced to Dominion, a card based tabletop strategy game.  Wait! Before you run in horror, hear me out on this.

Let me begin with the simple declaration that I love this game.  In this review I will do my best to explain why I love Dominion and why YOU should give it a try.

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